This Batman Evolution music video by ThePianoGuys is LIFE [x] I’m dying


Yes, lets go fight magneto. in my metal wheelchair, via my metal airship, with my metal wolverine to protect me. i see no way this could ever go wrong.



Gandalf checks his emails (behind the scenes in the set of the Hobbit)

#The wizard will now install your software



Gandalf checks his emails (behind the scenes in the set of the Hobbit)

Hey guys! There’s this incredibly awesome documentary being made about the scientific and artistic culture around time travel. It honestly looks super cool and I’m so so so excited about it. Please check out their kickstarter page here because it will explain the project loads better than I can! There’s a bunch of rewards for helping out as well and my eleventh doctor print is among them! I’m so honored to be included <3


that burn is so bad you’re gonna need a 3 year journey to regain your honor

Levels of Tumblr.


1 follower = egg

10-40 followers = hatchling

50-99 followers = baby dragon

100-349 followers = dragon

350-500 followers = still a dragon

501-799 followers =  mega dragon

800- 4,999 followers = super hella dragon


These are the legit numbers.

Anonymous asked: "Are you still watching Legend of Korra? If so have you seen the amazing Book 3 and heard the Book 4 news? omGGGGG *dies* You do amazing Korra art. Amazing anything art, actually. But I digress. If you are still interested in LoK I would love some more Korra art from you!! And if not, that's okay because I love everything you draw! Everything, I say!! :P"

I have to catch up ahhhhhh I want to so bad!!!!! and I want to draw her again oh my goodness time where have you gone D’:

Anonymous asked: "Do you have any other otp"

(sorry I have been away for so long guys! this is probably from WEEKS ago ahhhh the start of the semester is pretty rough this year, lots of work!)

and yes yes yes oh of course I have TONs but lets see I guess the main ones are…

Batman/Wonder Woman(obviously), Wolverine/Storm(yooo so cute), Doctor/River(literally my heart and soul), 9-10/Rose(because chemistry and my first companion and ROSE), Charles/Erik(most angsty and heartbreaking thing in the world), Dean/Cas(angelssss), Korra/Asami, Harry/Hermione(ah please don’t hate me:/), Percy/Annabeth, Harley/Ivy, Daenerys/Jon(hahah I have no idea why)

there’s probably more that I love but these are the first that come to mind ^_^


Oh, no, of course, you’re right. My mistake.


Oh, no, of course, you’re right. My mistake.

“The time for subtlety is passing. Now is the time for change.”

i know i’m not the only one

"The first person I ever revealed my identity to was Dick Grayson. He was about the same age I was when my parents were killed. His parents, circus acrobats - had been murdered. And I wanted to make a difference in his life the way, if my parents had lived, they would have made a difference in mine."

-Batman: Hush